Floral Rugs

Traditional Bessarabian Inspired RugFloral rugs have a rich history reaching back to the very dawn of carpet making. As one may suspect, the first patterns represented on textiles reflected what was the closest to mankind, meaning nature. And what is more appealing, more pleasant to look at on our planet than a flower? Flowers are exceptional elements of the natural surroundings owing to their utterly positive features. They mesmerize with colors, attract with smells and constitute an important part of the Eco-system being the source of nectar and pollen for the industrious honeybees. Thanks to their undeniable grace and usefulness, they became an important cultural symbol and an inseparable deco motif of the items produced by human hands. Carpets and rugs have always given a range of possibilities in terms of design and a flower has been and still is on the pedestal among decorative patterns. New designs draw abundantly from the historical legacy – the case of floral rugs in no different. Although made in the 21st century, contemporary floral rugs carpets are full of ancient influences.

The most notable examples of floral rugs come from the antique Indian carpets. The early rulers of India remained under a strong influence of the resplendent yet fleeting beauty of gardens – no wonder flowers became a constant theme of Indian weaving masterpieces in order to to capture some of this beauty and make it stay a little longer. Their creations were so enchanting, the Indian floral motifs were picked up by the Persian weavers. However, do not be mistaken – on the antique Persian carpets (the oldest and most renowned rug craftsmanship) flower rugs had also existed long before Indians started applying them. It was simply the way of flower representation what distinguished India from the rest of the Oriental design art. Later, there came many movements and styles, all of them having floral motifs in deep esteem, to mention some – Abusson or Arts&Crafts rugs.

Floral Rugs: Flower Pattern

Today, the flower power remains and we may freely say it is stronger than ever. There are few designs exuding such serenity, elegance and positive energy, being at the same time timeless, as floral rugs. The proximity to nature has always been extremely beneficial for people, so why not to introduce some nature into an interior through a rug, which constitutes a focal point of every room. New floral carpets may differ in terms of size, color, texture and pattern. They may be modeled on the traditional antique carpets or constitute an entirely original imaginative creations of artist and designers. One they have in common – everlasting beauty.

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