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Totally Awesome Americana

Star-spangled inspiration for the 4th

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Freedom, fireworks, apple pie and interior design with a whole lotta heart. That’s what we’ll be celebrating this weekend.

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I love Americana, though sometimes I think the term is conflated with a Hallmark-esque sense of chest-thumping patriotism. There are definitely classy ways to incorporate Old Glory into a room, but that’s not the end all of Americana, nor does it have to be confined to some stripe of colonial country-rustic.

We are such a diverse nation – a confluence of so many cultures and vibrant regions – patriotic interiors can be incredibly eclectic. Here are just a few spaces I’m loving this week.

navajo rug

A New York townhouse with a mesmerizing, antique Navajo rug and chic metal chair by Donald Korr.

Pac NW

A room that celebrates its region (Pacific Northwest) with a natural color palette, a wood-burning stove and an Eames chair with an incredible view.


This Californian farmhouse boasts a bed that repurposed an old picket fence for its frame.

east hampton

An East Hampton home with lovely rustic barn ceiling complemented with neat modern flourishes.

flag bath

A charming rustic bathroom with manly moto- and aeronautical decorations.


Stunning mid-century ranch house by Johnson & Associates that blends folk art with modernity.

I could do a whole series of posts on the abundant sources of American craftsmanship and folk art. However, as a textile lover I’ll just give a quick shout out to our beautiful mid-century textile tradition.


This rag rug is a rich, geometric beauty with a bold diamond pattern adorned with an elegant border detail. Peruse more of our captivating vintage rag rugs in the carpet catalog, and Happy Fourth of July, everyone!