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Top 10 Interiors To Bring You Fresh Spring Décor Inspirations

Spring is just around the corner and ,oh dear, what a season it’s going to be! We can foresee high temperatures and lots of sun followed by equally hot design trends 😉 These 10 interiors were selected to give you a little sneak peak of what will be going on in the next couple of months so your heart may start throbbing while your hands are getting ready for some springtide decorating. Get to it and get inspired!

1. Modern Victorian


Don’t be scared to mix together the unobvious. “It was very important to marry those two styles – the traditional with the cool,” said Caroline Takla, co-founder of property development partnership One Point Six. This unique vision of the Victorian home’s classical elements and history refracted through a contemporary lens was precisely what Caroline had in mind when designing the residence.

 2. Blooming Illumination


A DIY ‘flower chandelier’ is a simple but also very impressive decoration suitable not only for weddings! Spring is the best time for fresh flowers at home – if a classic ‘flower in a pot’ solution is not a creative enough option for you, try this idea.

3. Oriental Apricot

Binti Home

A vintage or antique rug is always a good start for rearranging the interior. Many of these venerable recherché beauties, especially the ones colored with natural dyes, flaunt faded shades of red that give a beautiful, peach-like effect. Apricot is currently one of the most fashionable hues –it revives the décor and helps to boost its energy – not only in spring.

4. Flowering Wall


Floral patterns still remain an extremely fashionable touch to the interior. Go for floral wallpapers to make a proper statement in any space. However, be cautious – one patterned wall will give you a chic designer effect but if you go too far you may end up in a ‘grandma’s room’!

5. Emerald Marble

via elle decor

Marble in various shades of green is definitely a hit this spring. If you do not want to re-decorate your home from scratch (including countertops, sinks and bathtubs), the additions alone will suffice, such as a stylish marble tray on your favorite coffee table.

6. Ethno Additives


Macramé, tufting, tassels, fringing and feathers – you name it, it’s here for this season and you’ll see it on cushions, wall hangings, throws, rugs and accessories. This trend will add a wonderful heart-warming quality to each room deriving from hand-made, unique objects. It is almost like an invitation for all DIY fans – by adorning with your own creations, you may explore a whole level of decorating!

7. Real Greenery


Along with increasing news of health benefits, the humble houseplant is fast becoming the must-have purchase for our homes. Particularly now, after we’ve experienced the Greenery year proclaimed by PANTONE. The more plants you have, the better! You may hang them up, put them down or even team them with some lush green pieces like this charming armchair, stylish pendants, a textured rug and some stripy green cushions for added interest.

8. Fresh-Air Décor


Sometimes the perfect spring interior may be hiding …outside! Balconies, patios, terraces –anywhere a table can fit (or simply an armchair) is a great start. Especially that the absolutely basic and irreplaceable decoration will be the green surrounding you. Just get fancy pillows and blankets and you’re good to enjoy the ultimate design of our Mother Nature.

9. Color Blocking

Jacqui Small Redbook

Spring, as the most refreshing time of the year, favors bold decisions! Bring to your apartment a bit of ‘color blocking’ – a door in a contrasting shade paired with an equally expressive rug? Strong accents on pillows and curtains? Follow your instinct and be brave! In this way, the space refreshed after the winter will make you blossom again!

10. Rural Charm


Spring goes hand-in-hand with styles like farmhouse or shabby chic. Pussy willow buds in the vase and garden elements moved into the interior (such as wellies, watering-cans, a wicker chair) help to build the idyllic atmosphere as if from ‘Anne of Green Gables.’

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