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The Difference Between Antique and Vintage Rugs

For some of us, the difference between antique and vintage rugs can be obscure. For instance, we tend to think that ‘vintage’ equals ‘old’, but in fact it implies that an item mimics the fashion of a particular era. Generally speaking, both ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’ terms include some ‘oldness’ in them. However, that’s antique carpets that are truly old, very often more than 100 years. It’s basically the most fundamental differentiation as far as antique and vintage rugs are concerned.

Sought-after especially by collectors, at least a century old antique rugs constitute a significant historical value. Their original form is preserved, nonetheless in various spots they may be damaged by moths and bug or have some holes and stains in texture, which is a natural consequence of surviving such a long time. No wonder antique carpets are also more expensive than vintage ones. On account of their time-caused deficiencies, antiques very often need repairing, although their overall worth is notwithstanding the same. The trade standards established by U.S. Custom for restoring antique items say that they need to be less than 50% renovated to still be considered antique.

The term ‘vintage’ comes from the dating of the bottle of wine. Basically, a vintage date provides some information about the quality of a wine – it is of great value if the vintage year was good for grapes. Today, the word vintage is very fashionable. Every single item can be vintage, in other words – made to imitate particular style that once used to be popular. In order to come up to the artistry of the designs that have been used for centuries, vintage rugs weavers produce their carpets with great attention to detailing. Vintage rugs are usually in a very good condition. These carpets are alsoer than antique ones.

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However enchanting and elegant, vintage rugs are undoubtedly on a different level of standard than antique carpets. But in fact, it all depends on what we are looking for and, unfortunately, what is our budget. If we cannot afford to buy an antique rug of our dreams, we can always try to find a vintage carpet, whose design is inspired by the one we like. One thing is certain – both antique and vintage rug will look aesthetic and stylish and fill the interior with a touch of elegance and beauty.