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The ARTS AND CRAFTS MOVEMENT: A Journey to the Past

William Morris style carpet BB02343 When it comes to rugs and carpets, design is one of the key factors that is taken into consideration by those who purchase such products.

Aside from materials and quality, the design of any rug or carpet matters greatly if you want your floor piece to create a unique impact and add an elegant appeal to your home. Adding a classical rug, regardless of the theme of your home interior, with a hint of the past can make a tremendous difference.

Let your guests be awed by your magnificent home furnishings especially your rug, which can very well be the centerpiece in any room. What can make it even more amazing is if it carries with it a touch of the arts and crafts movement which originated in the 19th century in Great Britain. In case you are not familiar with this movement, it was supported primarily by people dedicated to achieving high quality craftsmanship in home furnishings.

The arts and crafts movement was first founded by William Morris.

These weavers took pride in their simple but beautiful handcrafted items. The belief that humans should be treated as workers with creativity rather than mere tools that worked monotonously using their creative sense was a fairly new concept. With Morris on their side, the movement led to the formation of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co. which was later renamed Morris & Co. Morris & Co. offered fabric, furniture, wallpaper, tapestries, stained glass, etc., all of which were created with decorative arts and style as a centerpiece.

While the movement may have ended many years ago, its design and creative effects can still be seen in many homes around the world today. Beauty, idealism and simplicity still remain intact and still serve as an inspiration as it did during that time period. Doris Leslie Blau offers a vast collection of rugs and carpets carrying that same inspiration, because we believe that it presents the past in its timeless beauty