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Sumptuous Samarkands: The Melting Pot of Antique Rugs

BB3957 Samarkand 9.8 x 5.3 C. 1930BB4111 Samarkand 9.7 x 5 C. 1920BB4367 Silk Samarkand 10.7 x 5 C. 1920

Amidst the world’s myriad woven traditions, none represents a greater confluence of cultures than Samarkand rugs. A centuries-long history of blended influences and craftsmanship give them transcendent power, wherever they are placed.

BB4752 samarkand 8 x 4.8 v2BB4384 Samarkand 7.10 x 4.2 C. 1930BB5803 A Samarkand Rug 7.2 x 5 (2)

Produced in the oasis towns of East Turkestan (modern-day Xinjiang Province in far western China), Samarkand rugs combine the influences of Turkish and Chinese artisans, they incorporate Persian trellises and Buddhist iconography, as well as the unique flourishes and traditions of the diverse nomadic peoples of Central Asia.

Samarkands for Every Interior

BB5818 A Samarkand rug 8 x 4.5 kopia

Circular medallions and lacquer-red accents evidence Chinese influence in this one. The sheer variety of colors makes it a versatile piece.


This early 20th Century rug with soft-lilac motifs and border on a heather field has a unique focal point with the circular image of bird and branches, this rug would be a rich addition to a minimal-modern interior. Imagine the delightful contrast if paired with sleek architecture and furniture lines.


The flourishes on the center roundel of this Samarkand rug are eye-catching and the sandy blonde field with mint and wisteria frame and pendants make for a bonafide showstopper.


Our most vibrant selection – with three gorgeous roundels and a bevy of bright flower heads, this piece is sure to invigorate its surrounds with warmth conveyed through craftsmanship and rich coloring.

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