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Spring Has Sprung


The vernal equinox has come and gone and while most of us have not donned our Easter chapeaux just yet, you’ll no doubt see that Spring is in full swing at any Fashion or décor store near you. To me, the hope that spring CAN be eternal is validated by optimistically shopping at Bergdorf’s in my Uggs for skimpy Laboutin sandals and perusing through Vogue and Elle Decor searching for any confirmation that I have not been abducted by Frosty the snowman and permanently transplanted to the set of  “Frozen.”

My Spring mantra? “If you buy it, it will come.”

Trends are meant to reflect the general mood of things and this year’s Spring home décor market and fashion runways seem to highlight a new-found optimism derived of what seems like a recovering housing market and economy. Opulence and luxury has returned and so has a shift from austerity to lavishness, as portrayed by gold and metallic details and embellishments. Glamorous jewel-toned kitchens with semi-precious stones and the rise of Gold, burnished and soft, rather than ostentatious and loud are balanced by warm neutrals to avoid your home looking like an ode to Versailles or to the 1980’s.


As in Fashion, geometric shapes and blocks of bold convivial colors are unavoidable this season.  No subtleties here. While circles and ovals are certainly invited to the spring soiree, the stars of the party are rectangles and triangles. No algebra or geometry expertise needed, just confidence, a smile and the risk of being mistaken for an art exhibit at the MOMA, or being ticketed for stopping traffic on East 61st Street. The highlights of my day.


Even though Winter’s steely grip is only slightly releasing itself from those of us in the Northeast, we can always go inside our favorite showrooms, stores and homes to experience the full blossoming of eternal Spring through brilliant clothes and splendorous environments. When I am surrounded by all this beauty, I can taste it already.