Chinese Deco Rug

Chinese Deco Rug BB6359

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One glance is enough to acknowledge this vintage carpet bag as an absolute pearl of the Chinese weaving craft. It is also a true work of art – art deco. Made to cater for the Western tastes yet with the preservation of the exceptional Asian spirit, this Chinese art deco rug represents the perfect merger between the Orient and the Occident. Its design is extremely pronounced but far from overwhelming. Instead, it mesmerizes with elegance and timelessness.

The pitch black background constitutes an excellent setting for the flowery pattern combined with something resembling a herringbone motif. The colors of the central bouquet, including plum, emerald, light salmon, pinky brown and coral, look vibrant and almost jewel-like thanks to the beautiful rug exposition. This mesmerizing pattern is perfectly executed in the smallest details which could have been achieved only with the high knot density. There is no doubt this vintage deco antique rug is a piece of an exquisite quality and a timeless format . A sharp connoisseur’s eye will surely notice and appreciate it.

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Item No.: BB6359 Circa: 1950 Size: 8'9" × 11'4" (266 × 345 cm)
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