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Praying for Nepal

By now the world is mourning the loss of life and devastation in Nepal.

Powerful earthquake hits Nepal

Once one gets to know the weavers of Nepal, as we have over the past decade, it is hard not to think of them as family.

04-Praying for Nepal 2

Their plight for freedom has been long and painful and we are heart sore for them.

04-Praying for Nepal 3

Yet also in the time we’ve spent with some of them, we have been humbled by their inner strength and beauty of spirit. With that in mind, we have every faith they will make a full recovery.

04-Praying for Nepal 4

We are keeping them in our prayers as they embark on the path to renewal.  We encourage you to join us in making a contribution to the Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund that we may be partners in the long journey ahead.