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Peruvian Rugs – The Power of Simplicity

Not much is known about the Inca Empire, but fortunately, the ancient Peruvians left some bits of their meaningful heritage in the form of truly phenomenal rugs. The indigenous Indians who mastered the carpet craftsmanship developed their own weaving and dyeing techniques. As the key word for the Peruvian carpets is tradition and the knowledge is spread from generation to generation and from village to village, the artistry of rug making in Peru is still flourishing.

The authentic Peruvian rugs are always handmade with the use of local and therefore ecological materials. They are mainly made of sheep, alapaca, and lama wool, which makes the Peruvian carpets exceptionally soft and comfortable, ideal for barefoot walking. What is more, they are also hand dyed with the natural pigments obtained from local plants and animals, as a result, the Peruvian rugs appear in uncommonly vivid colors. Each rug is also a small manifesto of Peruvian culture and history as the craftspeople, while producing their carpets, often convey messages of the myths from Inca civilization.

Peruvian rugs will bring colors and joy to your house as their refreshing look makes the space inviting and cozy. The designs are usually striped and simple, but occuring in vibrant colors they create the look which is at the same time modern and ethnic. The geometric patterns of the Peruvian rugs transform the place, especially if the carpet is in the size of the room. The combinations are countless as Peruvian rugs mix tradition with modernity and that gives our room a dynamic and chic look. Peruvian rugs are perfect for people who like experimenting and are not afraid of playing with styles and patterns. It is also worth knowing that by buying an original Peruvian rug you support the local culture and craftspeople of Peru, who may develop their skills and cultivate their unique traditions.