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Oh for the love of Antique Oushak: a 101 on these incredible Turkish rugs


Here are the things you need to know about Antique Oushak rugs: Hailing from the town of Oushak, located in Turkey’s west-central Anatolia region, south of modern-day Istanbul, these rugs are prized for their singular colorscapes – they often have a gray cast you wont find in many other antique rugs; and tones range from soft salmon and coral shades to rich, warm saffron and medallion hues.

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The city of Oushak’s easy access to natural dyes and high-quality wool propelled the industry early on. Oushak rugs have been produced since the 15th century, but in the late 19th century the town ramped up its decorative rug business for the international market.

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These rugs typically have geometric and abstract designs, which are Persian in influence, but the scale of patterns most likely has nomadic or tribal origins: Bigger patterns come with wider, thicker borders that balance the proportions.

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Often they use soft wool and are double-knotted for durability. The result is a casual, inviting texture and feel that is unpretentious and well suited for country homes, vacation houses and family rooms.

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This Antique piece (circa 1900) in misty ocean blue with salmon highlights is a prime example of the floral-abstract patterns often found in Antique Oushak rugs.

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A soft plumb field with a grand-scale trellis design with a wider border to match – this piece (also from the early 20th century) is more representative of the neutral color palettes Oushaks often have.

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Casting these two Antique Oushaks side by side allows them to interact, and also highlights the commonalities in design and warm color usage.

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This rug has a sandy demure pink color scheme and oversized flowers that still manage delicacy while displayed on a grand scale. It would work well in a traditional or transitional interior and also with a gray or linen color story.

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Here’s another piece that embodies the warmer, richer side of the Antique Oushak color gamut. Abstract flora in brilliant jewel tones – this piece would pack vibrancy and energy into any placement.

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I’ll leave you with this regal beauty. There’s something magnetic about that dreamy blue-gray field and the intricate alternating medallions. Quite simply, this is a stunner.

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