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New York Rugs

New York is a place on Earth, that practically everyone wants to see. Because is there any place on Earth, any person, who seeing enormous blurred skyscrapers in the sunset, is not dreaming that one day she or he will put feet there and will look at these gigantic buildings from below?

 Is a place, which influence everyone of us from the day we were born, wherever we are. Music. Movies. Art. New York finds its place everywhere in such places. And comes back there.

But New York as every city in the world, could not exist without what was invented several centuries ago. How the stars had come into gala, if the red rug wouldn’t have been folded out? That’s it. The rugs. Something, which can be unnoticed in such a city as New York every day. This is however, where there are one of the biggest shops, where we can be given antique masterpieces of the best weavers in the history of our world. Because where to sell something with bigger benefits than in a place where the largest number of businesses is done?

But it’s not the end, because we can also find here the rugs. In fact, in this city we can find everything, whatever has been woven, either by a machine or by a man. The small colorful rugs to a baby room or those more toned to the living room. And to the palace, to the house of culture. To every place and on every occasion.

And everything thanks to several weavers, who decided to make a carpet for themselves several centuries ago. There would be none of this, if someone didn’t weave the first rug. The antique rugs were ornamented with different patterns: from flowers, to different historical events which influenced the fate of the world. Today, it is hard for the new-weds to buy a rug with the image of the gods of Greek mythology to the rented flat. And even though they want to, it wouldn’t be such a whim.

Times are changing and everything that we could see must be updated, such as the skyscrapers in New York, which were created before the war, and they still amazed until the present day – similarly to those New York rugs. 

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