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Modern Art Rugs

The term „modern art” is used to describe works of art created roughly since the 1970s, but the roots of this trend may be found in the 19th century. It is associated with art in which traditional way of perception, traditional materials and means were replaced with experimentation. Here we will talk about modern art in the context of modern art rugs.

Modern art means paintings, sculptures, objects like vases, but it also means objects meant to be used by people on daily basis, which are or may be works of art. All kinds of carpets and rugs are the perfect example.

If you ever dreamed of covering your floor with a high-quality carpet inspired by the art of such great names in modern art like Andy Warhol, Donray, Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Christopher Wool (to name randomly just a few) or even Banksy, it is possible.

There are manufacturers who specialize in converting images into handmade rugs. The images are very often inspired by the great modern artist and prepared for conversion by the best illustrators, designers and color consultants in the world.

The manufacturers also offer a possibility of creating your own customized rug. Even if it is an illustration from your favorite children’s book, having it on the carpet is possible nowadays.

Apart from converting images, designing carpets in the spirit of modern art – and having one – is quite fashionable. Nontraditional patterns, very often resembling the nature and its countenances, various shapes, far from rectangular or oval, are possible and lusted after.

Many talented and admired interior designers make a statement by putting a vintage or antique rug in a modern interior or by putting a modern area rug  or modern art rug in a traditional interior. Imagine a traditional room with antique furniture, classical paintings on the walls, toned colors – with a modern, bold, sleek and vivid carpet. Such a room immediately becomes a pearl in the interior design industry.

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