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Kim Alexandriuk Featured in Interiors Magazine!

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“For Alexandriuk, it was an exciting challenge to compose within such a bold and rigorous frame.  She came well prepared for the task, having spent part of her childhood in Germany, studied fine arts in France and worked for Michael Smith before setting up her own office in Santa Monica in 1999.  That experience, her eclectic tastes and two years with the Getty Conservation Institute gave her a keen awareness of materials, complementary forms and the refined details that enrich any interior.”

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Kim Alexandriuk

“For me, design is an organic process, absorbing the spirit of the architecture and landscape and seeing how the clients live.  The owners didn’t want to bring any furnishings with them, so I collected pieces over eighteen months, stored them in Los Angeles until the house was ready and then trucked them up.  I wanted the interior to feel casual but well curated, with beautiful compositions that the owners might have developed over time.” – Kim Alexandriuk

Kim Alexandriuk

“The whole job was a balancing act,” admits the designer. “The clients had different priorities: He wanted crisp modern lines, she wanted warm and comfortable, so I had to find middle ground while winning them over with the beauty and variety of modern design.”

Featured in INTERIORS Magazine October/November 2013.