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Interweaving New and Old: Contemporary Rugs, Eco-friendly Fibers


Anyone who follows this blog knows we are huge, ardent fans of Samarkand rugs. We’ve written plenty to acquaint you with our antique pieces, but in fact Samarkands are represented in our new and custom rug collections, too.


Many of our new rugs that take their design and aesthetic cues from the ancient Samarkand tradition are produced in uncommonly large sizes. There’s something incredible about taking Samarkand history and heritage and reproducing it to large-scale.


And for some of these sumptuous, breathtaking contemporary rugs, we are able to use recycled wool. We take strands from early Central Asian Kilims and incorporate them into the new designs. This is not only speaks to our interest in sustainable design, but also is in keeping with DLB’s philosophy that incorporating the heritage and influence of antique rugs preserve and promotes authenticity in contemporary design. Not to mention, the character and nuance of antique fibers is quite different from that which is freshly spun.

Recently, we’ve added new verticals on our website to introduce our traditionally-inspired contemporary pieces. You can view them here and here.