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Inkheart or a history written not only in ink

In the beginning was the Word. Well, we guess there was. Words have always been a vital part of human life and though the role they played in the development of our civilization has been discussed over and over again, the role they used to play, and sometimes still do, in home decor is by far worth scrutinizing. There’s something captivating about the writing that keeps enthralling us.

In the early days the ability to communicate in writing was an asset that gave literate people power over those who didn’t know this craft. The high officials as well as the emperors took delight in having their properties’ walls embellished with writing. Hieroglyphics and depicts in the sacred areas were a must-have of those days.


Some communities even believed in the creative power of the written word and used to incorporate written curses or blessings in gifts or burial accessories often found in excavated tombs.

Hieroglyphs from the Black Schist sarcophagus of Ankhnesneferibre. Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, about 530 BC, Thebes.

The love for such ancient inscription look has taken a more up-to-date shape, so if you have already developed a desire for a décor like this one…


… just pick the most suitable wallpaper or a self-adhesive…


… and add a matching carpet.


If you want to recreate that golden sunny Sahara desert look, we propose this wonderful striped custom rug.


A more up-to-date, though really surreal writing pattern is the elvish alphabet designed by J.R.R. Tolkien. Can you remember the One Ring and its secret message revealed only by fire?


So how about a little elvish chamber with these pretty letters above your bed?


Staying still in the land of fantasy, think about the filming of the book Inkheart. The brilliant idea of capturing the ability to turn book stories to life by reading them aloud in the visual sphere by placing a fragment of a book at a unicorn’s neck or a man’s face is unbelievable. And if a unicorn can have it, why not your home or office?


An artful way to put up a list of family rules without making it too obnoxious. Love it!


If you dream of a runner with print like this one, feel free to contact us and order a custom rug.


Nothing’s like a creative motto to welcome you every day alongside with your morning coffee.


Sometimes actions speak louder than words. True, but… there are some situations, when words are just more legible. KFC designers already know the secret. You believe what you’ve read, because you believe your own eyes.


Anytime you see a random letter piece of art or a design, you keep wondering whether the letter or the signs are really random, or… is it a puzzle?


If you’re as fond of font as we are, feel free to check out one of our outstanding random letter design carpets.