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How to decorate with Heriz rugs

Heriz rugs made themselves very comfortable at our homes. Thanks to their classic design, they fit almost any type of interior with ease – decisive and masculine aura that Heriz carpets ooze, makes them a perfect choice for a place where even the decor has to make a statement, but also regular homes. Paired with modern furniture and minimalistic forms they are sure to create an elegant mix able to make anyone feel like a king.

The classical beauty of Heriz finds its uses in many interiors. A thick and soft pile is something any library needs and all decorative rugs would ask for, not only to make it feel cozy, but also to quiet down any unwanted sounds that can disturb the reading. Famous Heriz pattern will not deconcentrate the reader with excessive coloring or wild zigzags. On the contrary, the very presence of such a stunning rug is sure to put you in the right mood for reading.

Living Room

Living rooms are the most popular places for all rugs, not only Heriz. How will they present there largely demands on other pieces of decor and furnishings. As mentioned before, modern aesthetics and Heriz rugs go well together, due to beautiful contrast that is created between those two. Classic forms of antique furniture and heavy decoration will benefit from the presence of a Heriz rug, since it will allow them to fully bloom and show their charm.

floral Heriz rug

Heriz Rugs in Bedroom

Bedrooms are a dream place for all Heriz rugs. While they won’t work well with children’s rooms, due to their mature design and palette, their parents are bound to fall in love with thick pile and great quality of weave. Heriz will immediately become a center of any room, thanks to its stunning form. Pairing it with a soft bedding and inviting is sure to create a very cozy interior, where you just want to wake up every day. The fact that some antique Heriz carpets become over dyed rugs makes them an attractive option for those who love their elegance but yearn for more personal touch.


Kitchens are almost as tricky as a place for carpet as bathroom. While there is not as much moisture, other dangers await, that often overweighs the advantages of such solution. Various spills and stains can irreparably damage the luxurious pile of a Heriz rug and that would be a tragedy in every meaning of this word. This is why many people decide to place their Heriz carpets in the dining room instead. Its presence will make any meal an unforgettable experience for you and your whole family. Beauty of the rug would only highlight the elegance of furniture, making taking every bite of food a truly divine pleasure.

No wonder Heriz rugs are so beloved by the carpet aficionados and interior designers alike. Their unique, yet classic appearance is a perfect choice for any interior, no matter if it was inspired by modern creations or designs of the past. Good Heriz is sure to make anyone’s day better!

red botanical Heriz rug