Oversized Hive - A Modern Rug by Kim Alexandriuk N11075 by DLB
Oversized Hive – A Modern Rug by Kim Alexandriuk
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Oversized Hive – A Modern Rug by Kim Alexandriuk N11075 17'0" × 22'0" $40,000

Kim Alexandriuk evokes traditional tribal patterns but assembles them with a more modern sensibility, while also doing a riff on traditional rugs by modern mélange of curved shapes while using their traditional materials and style of weaving. Drawing on a number of influences, including her European heritage, reverence for architecture and passion for travel, the Santa Monica-based designer seamlessly weds modern elements with classic settings to create intriguing spaces that are warm and inviting, with an air of worldly sophistication. contemporary carpet designs for d Doris Leslie Blau )reflect these same design sensibilities.

This stunning bold rug is everything a rug aficionado could want in their life. Beautiful and durable, it is bound to serve you faithfully for years to come, making it a great investment for the future. The design of this contemporary rug features a rather spectacular geometric composition. All depicted elements are perfectly symmetrical and mirrored, giving them a strange balance. Color palette of this piece consists of a rather interesting mix of a black background  and yellowish-orange pattern. This, however, works splendidly, resulting in a very modern combination.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of designer rugs contains works of the greatest artistic geniuses in the industry, such as Nanette LeporeTommy Hilfiger, or Kim Alexandriuk. Each designer rug is special, as not only represents designer’s work, but also shows their creative side, allowing you to understand their work. This is why we are so proud to offer our clientele only the highest quality antique rugs and contemporary carpets.


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Price: $40,000

Item No.: N11075 Size: 17'0" × 22'0" (518 × 670 cm)
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