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Hello Yellow!

PastedGraphic-3 (1){Interior Design by Nick Olsen}

If you’re looking to add a surge of energy to your home, yellow is a secret that top talent designers often use to great effect. Nick Olsen leverages his expansive walls – and even much of his coffered ceiling – to envelope his own loving room in radiant yellow. A tiny bud vase and color block pillow pull the color down into the seating area and keep the energy of the room flowing.


5e2b45bca97ecc26d026b9603179e280 (1)yellow 2{Interior Design by Kelli Ford & Kirsten Fitzgibbons}

This marvelous yellow hallway by Kelli Fordand and Kirsten Fitzgibbons is drenched in the vibrant shade of spring daffodils. While lesser talent might have let the potent shade overwhelm the space, the duo balanced it with soft white trim and gleaming gold metallic accents on every light fixture in the passage. Rather than downplay the tone, they’ve embraced it. Even the art on the walls features pops of yellow. But the piece de resistance? The geometric inlayed pattern on the floor. Stroke of genius. Kelli and Kirsten created a dramatic diamond pattern underfoot that mimics the barrel jointed ceiling design. But it’s the color selection of gold and warm ivory that seal the deal on this magnificent hallway and the overall design of the project.

yellow 3Vintage Modernist Rug C.1960

So how can you harness the color of sunshine in your next project? Rugs offer a interesting way to add both color and texture to a room. We love the Mondrian look of this Modernist rug. It has Kelly Wearstler verve and would set off white upholstery and the ongoing popularity of brass fixtures beautifully. Why limit art to the walls when the floor provides ample opportunities to express your aesthetic point of view?

yellow 4Antique Spanish Savonnerie C.1920

For a more traditional influence, this Spanish Savonnerie rug is an elegant choice. Meandering vines, acanthus leaves and flowing plumes radiate out from the center medallion design. What we love most about it is the grand scale of the rug itself. This is truly luxurious rug intended to anchor a key room in a more formal home. We can’t think of a better selection for a discriminating client.

As you can see, the lively color yellow offers unlimited range and potential. It can be decidedly traditional or crisply modern, dramatically bold or sophisticated and subtle. Regardless of how you choose use it, a dose of sunshine is a welcome addition to any room of the home. The only question is how do you plan to harness the color of sunshine?