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Explosion Rug: One Piece, Two Ways

There is nothing worse than finding a rug, piece of art or stunning chair that you are obsessed with and then having no idea how to build a room around it.  When the color palette, scale and style are perfect but finding all of the right pieces to pull it off becomes too much of a challenge, what’s next?  Well, we thought we would pull a few options together using one of our favorite pieces from Doris Leslie Blau’s in stock collection to inspire you.

This colorful wool rug is the perfect versatile piece. It would make a great piece to build a modern and masculine office and flirty enough for a feminine sitting room too. The rug is a flat woven Kilim handwoven with various yarn colors to achieve a tie-dye effect. Today, we are showing you how to pull off two different looks using this gorgeous piece.


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1. Agate Fuchsia  2. Agate Teal  3. Cleo Table Lamp  4. Bagua Table  5. Gustav Leather Chair  6. Blue/Cream Pillow  7. Ombre Taupe Pillow  8. Indica Pillow


9. True Art Print  10. Framed Abstract Art  11. Ananas Table Lamp  12. Jujubee Pink Pillow   13. Citron Embroidered Pillow  14. Zahara Pillow  15. Glass & Iron Side Table  16. Delphine Accent Chair