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Elle Décor Meets Doris


Elle Décor interviewed our founder and namesake for this month’s issue, and she supplied them with a bevy of rug wisdom and solid textile advice.


Doris Leslie Blau sold the business to our owner Nader Bolour in 1997, but she still stops by often enough. We love seeing her because all of the values and principles we hold when it comes to textiles, decoration, and interior design stem from her foundational philosophy that laid the groundwork for what we do today.

Doris on People…

“People fit with rugs. There are personalities that are right or wrong for a carpet. Some people want background rather than statement. I steer them toward quieter, more pliant designs with repetition, such as Persians. I’m the type who wants to make a statement. I like a powerful rug such as a Caucasian, one that is bold and geometric and has a bright palette of reds, browns, greens, and navy blue.”

On Tactile Comfort…

“We live in a world of new things, but it’s hard to match an old rug for its tactile qualities, its color and pattern. An antique carpet brings gentility to the hard edges that are all around.

A Chicago couple who collect contemporary art came to visit me. The wife said, ‘These paintings are driving me crazy. We need something to calm us.” I flew out to Chicago with a Tabriz. It settled the room. Always try out a rug before you buy it. You have to see how a carpet will look in its prospective setting.”

On Treasuring Rugs…

“The one that got away was a garden carpet from northwest Persia, circa 1800. The design had garden boxes, and in the center was a zigzag of water. It was like bringing the outside in. A time came when I needed money, so I sold it to someone I liked. They still have it and adore it. When you are a dealer, it is incumbent upon you to make sure that very special things are cared for properly.”

To see the full article, pick up the May 2015 issue of Elle Décor.