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Bold White, Red, Yellow, Black and Blue Flat-Woven Wool Rug N11039 10'1" × 15'3" $10,000

Contemporary carpets continue to be present in our lives in many different forms. From small bathroom rugs to grand area carpets, they find ways to make interiors brighter and more inviting than ever. However, for an inexperienced or amateur decorator fitting a bold carpet might be a challenge. Despite that, few types of rugs can equal beauty of bold carpets. Their original designs and vivacious color palettes make this type of contemporary rug especially interesting for both art collectors and carpet aficionados. It is no wonder that each season we can find more and more bold carpets in showrooms of famous designers or in interior design magazines.

This absolutely beautiful contemporary rug combines elegance of form and opulence of design into a one astonishing whole. Woven using only the best quality materials, this bold rug can be a dream come true of any connoisseur. The pattern features a rather original abstract composition, undoubtedly inspired by Art Deco designs. Splashes of color on the blank background look spectacular when contrasted with straight lines, reminding one of a canvas. Palette of this piece contains mostly vivacious jewel tones such as red, yellow , black and blue, which were put on a snow white background.

Doris Leslie Blau’s collection of both contemporary rugs and antique carpets contains only the best quality pieces, each of which was created with a great deal of attention and love. Our bold rugs often find their way into modern interiors, but nowadays we can observe them being incorporated into many different styles, such as boho or eclectic.


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Price: $10,000

Item No.: N11039 Size: 10'1" × 15'3" (307 × 464 cm)
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Location: NEWEL