Bold Rugs

1C Custom Tibetan RugThere are very few décor elements, next to lightning and paint, that have as immediate and strong impact as a well-matched rug. Bold rugs defines zones, enriches them with color, pattern and texture – a carpet constitutes one of the very first things a person sees when entering a room. Moreover, bold rugs exudes a feel of coziness but most importantly – completeness.

There is no better way of determining ones’ living space than placing a good rug, and no better rug to do that than a bold rug. Although the term may be widely understood, there are many common characteristic features typical of bold rugs. As the name suggests, they are truly daring and conspicuous in terms of bold rug appearance.

Among this large group of carpets one may look in vain for neutral hues or banal designs – it is better to prepare oneself for a riot of colors and dazzling patterns. However, bold does not mean tawdry in the slightest. The balance is always kept, so a rug, no matter how ornate, is at all times absolutely tasteful. Some of the bold rugs even lack the pattern completely and their expressiveness is based solely on a vivid color combined with, for instance, an impressive size or texture.

Bold Rugs: Inspirations

Nevertheless, usually it is the design which plays first fiddle. Inspirations are numerous – a bold rug may be Scandinavian-inspired, it may draw from traditional Persian motifs or base upon the ideals of Art Deco. De facto, there is no single defined style and the majority of bold rugs are masterpieces coming straight from the hands of experienced and talented designers, one of them being Eskayel group. Dots or stripes, arabesques or argyles, bird’s or bull’s eye – the variety of patterns seems to have no end.

Having such bold rug in a room is like having a work of art. And like every work of art, it requires the proper setting. Bold rugs we have for sale fit perfectly into neutral spaces with simple furniture and not many contrasting colors, where they are beautifully exposed and constitute the focal point. This is, however, a conservative and safe solution. Nothing stands in the way of putting a bold rug in a bold space. Styles like Hollywood Regency or Boho will gladly embrace these expressive carpets – a clue for the design-wise brave.

An Exceptional Collection of Bold Rugs for Sale

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