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Botanical Inspiration, Contemporary and Classic

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Spring is just about to give way to summer (solstice is coming up this Saturday!) and what better time to reflect on how nature inspires the spaces we create.

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It’s perhaps the oldest source of inspiration. I’m always amazed by the many ways vines, leaves and petals are represented in our antique carpets across many cultures and aesthetic traditions.

antique-persian-tabriz-rug-18x11-bb5553 antique-indian-amritsar-carpet-13x11-bb5556 Persian Tabriz Rug                                                                                                                                                Indian Agra Carpet

And then on into modern times, flora still inspired artisans, but leaves and blossoms began to crop up re-rendered as geometric or abstract patterns, paired down to their most essential elements.

vintage-scandinavian-rug-bb5454-8x6vintage-carpet-swedish-flat-woven-blue-geometric-bb4722-8x7                                                                                                    Swedish Flat Weave Rugs

 calyx-11 calyx-21                                                                                         Acclaimed “calyx” pattern by Lucienne Day, inspired by mushroom caps

Today botanical patterning runs the gamut from sumptuous, bursting blossoms to Scandinavian-style pretty simplicity. In our global era, we see more overlap and cross-cultural pollination, if you will, among styles than ever before. There’s no one-style-fits-all, but the breadth of options – from classic to contemporary, abstract to realistic – gives much to be desired and explored.

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