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Bespoke Carpet Collection: Fall Must Haves

Now that we are headed into September, it is just about time to put away our mints, yellows, and florals, and look forward to the lovely autumn hughes and patterns of fall. When perusing through Doris Leslie Blau’s many carpet collections and styles, there are many inspirational designs that seem to embody the essence of fall. If you are in the market for an autumn inspired rug to complete a living space, look no further than the Bespoke Carpet Collection.

Fall blog -1

                                                                            Shaggy Stripe / Element Green

As you can see here, the designs are fresh, the patterns are bold, the colors are rich, while still drawing inspiration from the traditional Ikat technique which allows the design to hold true to it’s ancient mystery.

Fall blog-2

                                                                                              DLB / Shaggy Orange Box

The reason why I love the Bespoke Carpet Collection so much for the fall, is because of the rich tones. So much of fall design is centered around deep rich hughes of auburns, golds, and emeralds. Earth tones are so beautifully incorporated into these rug designs, some of them just look like they were made for fall!

So, if you decide to spring into your own personal autumn designs, keep in mind one of our Bespoke Carpet’s from Doris Leslie Blau. And check out a few of these lovely accessories that just might complete your look!

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1 // Parlour Atomic Orange Chair 2 // Plume Pillow 3 // Junction Low Dresser 4 // Sterling Blanket 5 // Iron Circle Clock 6 // Hanging Glass Terrariums


By: Maddie Richardson