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AUBUSSON RUGS – What Makes Them Special?

Antique French Aubusson Silk RugAre wondering what makes AUBUSSON rugs so special? Well there are a number of reasons! These floor coverings have a storied past and carry with them a reputation for high quality and high standard of craftsmanship. A home with an Aubusson rug can feel like a palace by virtue of its strong lineage of luxury and grandeur.

When you walk around a stately home, you cannot help but gasp at its beautiful architecture, elegant furnishings and decor. Imagine a splendid home with extremely large rugs hand-sewn hundreds of years ago! It would take your breath away, wouldn’t it? Now, if you take a closer look, you will be in awe of the colors, designs, and detailed weaving with intricate scrolls and Rococo features of delicate flowers woven in an assortment of colors. This is what makes an AUBUSSON rug so special.

These outstanding French-inspired floor coverings are just part of our collection of magical rugs. We take great pride in the fact that our rugs and carpets are of the highest quality and some of the best examples of their styles and heritage to be found anywhere in the world, whether new, vintage, antique or custom.

Having exceptional carpets or rugs is a privilege you will enjoy especially if you take great pride in your home. Nothing creates a regal environment better than an Aubusson!