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Miami Beach’s Finest Modern and Persian Rugs

Purchasing a fine area rug for your home or business is an important step. You want to make sure you get one that is aesthetically pleasing, will match your overall decor, is durable, and that you just love every time you see it.

For many people, that means purchasing one of the many options we offer. This could be antique rugs, vintage rugs, Oriental rugs, or even modern rugs. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ll make sure it is available for you.

Antique Rugs in Miami Beach

Antique rugs aren’t just beautiful, they are also quite astounding. They are a practical floor covering for any home or office, but also hold a lot of historical and even cultural importance. Some people worry that if they buy an antique rug in Miami Beach they won’t be able to use it because it is such a fine piece of art. The fact is, however, that these rugs were made to be durable and last for years. You can buy your antique rug from us, and enjoy it for generations to come.

What are Vintage Rugs

When the modernist movement emerged in the early 20th century, there were a lot of changes in many areas of life. This included in how people decorated their homes. Rug makers of the time began transitioning from existing styles to the brilliance of what is now known as vintage rugs. These rugs often use distinctive forms and textures, and are often made of wool. Vintage rugs come to us from all around the world, which helps to add a significant amount of diversity to what you’ll see. If you love the vintage look, you’ll have no trouble finding what you want with us.

Choose Persian Rugs

When people talk about Persian rugs, they are really talking about a broad overarching category of rugs that come from the Persian region of the world. Once you start looking into it, however, you’ll learn that there are many distinct patterns, iconography, and styles that are found based on the region within Persia. We work hard to bring in a variety of options to ensure our customers get the exact Persian rug that they are looking for.

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Best Modern Rugs in Miami Beach

For many people, the best type of rugs are modern rugs that were made using beautiful materials and great designs. These are typically going to be new rugs that were made from craftsman in locations around the world, including here in the United States. Modern rugs come in a variety of design and weaving techniques and styles, which helps give you exactly what you need. We even have the option to have custom made rugs based on your own desires. Whatever it is you want, our selection of great modern rugs is here for you.

We have such an excellent selection of great rugs that you won’t ever have to shop around at other places. We are located at 7099 14th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Take some time to look through all the different types of rugs we offer, including (but not limited to) modern rugs, Persian rugs, vintage rugs, and antique rugs. When you’re ready to make a purchase, just get in touch with us to begin the process.

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