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Antique Rugs in Calgary, Canada

Known for its impressive skyline and developed oil industry, Calgary is a major Canadian city located in Alberta. Its famous Calgary Stampede organized each year in July have earned the city a name of “Cowtown”. A specialist rug dealer in oriental area rugs and western rugs and carpets, Doris Leslie Blau’s impressive collection of antique rugs include rare Turkish, Persian and Indian masterpieces, many of which date back to the Medieval Age. Some of these rugs are so rare that no more than a few exist in the entire world.

Doris Leslie Blau has always tried to bring the charm enclosed in antique rugs closer to people, closer to you. We opened our galleries in multiple locations in order to let you experience the sheer beauty of antique oriental rugs, vintage Persian, oriental rugs and carpets with your own eyes and hands.

Exclusive collection of antique, vintage Persian rugs, Persian rugs for sale including our famous collection of large area rugs by Doris Leslie Blau. Nader Bolour the owner of Doris Leslie Blau’s rugs and carpets gallery is the largest rugs dealer in the world. We invite you to view the largest collection of antique carpets and rugs for sale.

Calgary also boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in Canada, thanks to its location between the Bow River and the Elbow River. It was also the first city to host Winter Olympic Games in 1988. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are overjoyed to be the number one choice of our Calgary based clients, who feel in love with our gallery’s wide offer of antique rugs, contemporary rugs and vintage carpets.

Our service and offer

In order to deliver you best antique and vintage carpets, we offer fast and inexpensive (sometimes even free!) shipping all over the world, straight from our New York City based gallery, permeated with the magic of antique, vintage and modern large area rugs. As always, we care about your satisfaction the most, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our fabulous rug collection and shipping process. Doris Leslie Blau’s webpage offers you the ultimate shopping experience, allowing to filter through every carpet in our possession using categories such as size, color, origins and age. Moreover, if you desire something original, we also offer a possibility of ordering a custom rug.

At Doris Leslie Blau we care the most about your satisfaction with our antique rugs

Since our inception in 1965, Doris Leslie Blau Gallery sets new standards of service by delivering best quality antique carpets and vintage rugs wherever they are needed. Our gallery is home to some of the most spectacular rugs of every origin imaginable, including Oriental, European and Persian carpets. Famous designers regularly use our antique rugs in their interiors and many of our clients are among Architectural Digest’s “Top 100 Designers”. Doris Leslie Blau has established itself as a leading source of fine new and custom rugs based on patterns by many well-known contemporary designers, including Amy Lau and Nanette Lepore. Ask the world’s top designers or architects to name their preeminent source of luxurious antique and bespoke rugs and they’re likely to point to Doris Leslie Blau!

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Calgary’s history

The city was named after Calgary located on the Scottish Isle of Mull. The name itself originates from two Old Norse words – kald and gart, meaning “cold” and “garden”. In 1875 the site of future city was a post of the North-West Mounted Police, assigned to protect the fur trade. In 1876 Fort Brisebois, which was NWMP’s quarters at that time, was renamed Fort Calgary, marking the city’s beginning. Calgary began to grow into an important commercial and agricultural center when a rail station was constructed in 1883. It was officially incorporated a year later in 1894. With time, ranching operations were established the Calgary’s vicinity. As it was already an important transportation and distribution hub, the city also became the center of Canada’s cattle marketing and meatpacking. The promise of free land attracted numerous settlers from around the world, which greatly influenced Calgary’s society. At that time agriculture and cattle were crucial elements of Calgary’s economy and led to starting of the city’s most famous attraction, Calgary Stampede in 1912.r your liking!

Doris Leslie Blau’s Owner – Nader Bolour

Doris Leslie Blau Gallery’s owner, Nader Bolour, is widely known as a businessman. His family established the Bolour&Sons enterprise in the 1920’s in Iran and quickly gained recognition as one of the most distinguished rug dealers worldwide. Meeting Doris Leslie Blau in 1978 changed the course of Nader’s life forever. The two of them immediately struck up a friendship and a business partnership. In 1997 Nader purchased Doris Leslie Blau Gallery and continues to shock the world of interior design with his bold and ingenious decisions. Nader Bolour is also a designer himself, which can be easily seen in gallery’s broad range of custom carpets, made from best materials available for its demanding clientele. His love for rugs is reflected in the approach of his employees. Whether you seek a rug from Nader or you desire his original design, you can rest assured that he is prepared to deliver a bit of soul to your home.

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Culture and entertainment in Calgary

Calgary has a lot to offer for both fans of nightlife and educational entertainment. The city’s Downtown features a mix of restaurants and bars, cultural venues, public and shopping squares, that will satisfy even those most demanding. Neighborhood’s attractions feature the Telus Spark, which is a science museum , the Chinatown district, the Glenbow Museum, the Calgary Tower and the Art Gallery of Calgary. The Core Shopping Centre is famous for the Devonian Gardens, one of the largest urban indoor gardens in the world. Other noteworthy attractions include the Heritage Park Historical Village, a historical park, which working historic vehicles and a mixture of replica buildings and historic structures. Canada Olympic Park, which features Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, and Spruce Meadows also attracts numerous visitors to Calgary. Besides famed Calgary Stampede, the city annually organizes multiple diverse events, from music festivals to marathons.

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Doris Leslie Blau on Calgary

Despites numerous hardships, Calgary and its citizens never give up and continue to make the best of their lives, inspiring us to do the same. We admire city’s beauty and tenacity, reflected in its everyday life. Auckland’s unique culture and stunning landscape make it a place definitely worth visiting. If you are interested in Doris Leslie Blau’s exquisite choice of antique, vintage and contemporary rugs, do not hesitate to visit our webpage and indulge in luxurious carpet shopping experience! Our precise filters and tools make online shopping not only easy, but also relaxing. For our most demanding clients we offer the possibility of designing their own custom rug, made of best materials available!