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Short Story About Rugs

Since prehistoric times when man used a ragged animal leather as a lining for his caves, the carpets were in our history, a very important factor. Evolution in production techniques, product design and selected materials evolved over many thousands of years and was dictated mainly by social and economic factors. As in almost every area of life progress has brought and still brings ever more ingenious solutions and technologies.

In the entire history of carpets and there are several milestones that permanently changed its course. We will try to go on a journey from the early days of the antique area rugs to today’s multi-million dollar modern technology, hi-tech times. In this short journey there will be a lot of interesting trivia and facts. Firstly we will look for the origins and the first traces of carpets in history. In the second part we will approach closer to the story looking at the change in the mode of production of carpets over the last several hundred years. Therefore, let’s start from the beginning.

Some findings may suggest that the beginnings of the first carpet can be traced in the Neolithic era approx. 6,000 years before the birth of Christ. It was then that probably tribe of nomads living in dry regions of the steppes wove their first simple rugs from wool and leather. Such carpets then were spread out in their tents on the ground or hung to protect against insects, dirt and cold winds. They could be used also as a seat, berths or prayer rugs. The first patterns appearing on antique area rugs and flooring resembled animals, flowers and the then imagine the Gods.

Carpets manufactured prior to 1920 and which wasn’t chemically dyed are called antique area rugs. Such dyes began to be used in the years 1860-1870 and carpeting made from this time to 1920 using dyes are called half-antique. Carpets manufactured after this period are known as modern.

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