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Advantages of over dyed rugs

For those who love the mix of modern and antique, over dyed rugs are a perfect choice. Not only are they positively stunning with their rich colorings and beautiful designs, but also are sure to stay with you for years, thanks to the quality of fiber and weave.

Although a limited number of rugs can be made over dyed – only woolen carpets, such as Heriz rugs won’t be damaged by the process – their number grows with each passing day. It would be difficult to imagine a boho-inspired room or an eclectic accommodation without an over dyed rug. We would like to share with our clientele Doris Leslie Blau’s take on this marvelous type of carpets. What makes them so special?

The process of over dyeing follows five steps. First, the rug is bleached in order to remove any dye left on a pile or just to fade it. Next, the new dye is applied and the carpet is subsequently acid-washed. Step three, the rugs are carefully cleaned in order to set the color. After hand-washing it to get the desired hue, the carpet is dried under the sun, setting the new colors permanently on its surface. The process of over dyeing involves the use of harsh chemicals. Both cotton and silk rugs would be irreparably damaged by it and the same would happen to any synthetic materials. Hand-tufted rugs, even if made of wool, are also not suitable for this process, as it would injure their pile. While chemical dyes provide wider palette of colors, majority of craftsmen still prefer to use natural dyes, which are better for the environment and create more vibrant and beautiful hues.

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The biggest strength of over dyed rugs, is definitely an abundance of their designs. It is a common practice to sew together pieces of various separate carpets, which were too damaged to repair, and then over dye them, creating a fascinating patchwork composition as a result. You can easily see Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, vintage rugs and many, many other well-known types of carpets refreshed by over dyeing.

Over dyeing is also a great way of recycling rugs with bleached piles. Throwing out a beautiful rug is a great shame, so many decide to give them a second life. Not only this allows you to keep beloved rug, but also helps the environment. Why throw away, if it can be fixed?

The cost of an over dyed rugs is usually lower than that of a regular rug of the same type. Many of over dyed rugs are precious antiques, that can be bought for a fraction of their price, making over dyed carpets an affordable choice for everyone.

The abundance of over dyed rugs available on the market will satisfy not only those who fell in love with their originality and beauty, but also professional interior designers or collectors. One could say that this particular type of rugs connects past with future. At Doris Leslie Blau we love and appreciate everything over dyed rugs stand for – eco-friendliness, style and an ingeniousness of design.

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