10 Times a Rug Made the Room

A doyenne and a true legend of rug industry Mrs. Doris Leslie Blau believes that living with a beautiful rug kindles an emotional response.

“A rug, like a work of art, should awaken something in you,” she once said. “It should be the last clear impression you have when you leave your house, and the first thing you want to see when you walk in the door. Because, whether you realize it or not, as soon as you enter a room your eyes focus on the floor first, and then shift upward. That’s why a rug is an important part of any room—it can create the mood.”


The truth of these words is reflected in 10 rooms where rugs playing first fiddle create an absolutely irresistible ambiance. Don’t take ours or Mrs. Doris’ words for it – simply see for yourselves!

Damsel in Distress

Becki Owens Heber House Project

This fabulous master bedroom embraces modern minimalism with layered textiles for warmth. The airy white space is grounded with a beautiful distressed indigo rug and black four poster bed by Noir. Not only the carpet saturates the space with its profound hue but also its slightly ragged look adds a pinch of sauciness. Absolutely brilliant!

Moroccan Star

Jessica White Photo

Although fresh and well-planned out, this Cali-cool interior wouldn’t be so cool without the wonderful Oriental kilim. The flat-woven rug is a real star of the room – its pattern and colors enliven the monochromatic bedroom and introduce a bit of an ethnic vibe.

Elephant Footprints


This bright bedroom largely benefits from the magnificent area rug –its vivid red color along with the sophisticated design add more edge to the room and make it stand out. The carpet is most probably Turkish as the main field is occupied by the repeated “gul” motif, also known as an “elephant footprint.”

Kitchen Help

Becki Owens & Jamie Bellessa

An unusual yet most recommended solution – a rug in the kitchen. The floor covering emphasizes the homely, almost rustic atmosphere, and makes the space appear more cozy. The vintage carpet with a Middle-Eastern aura fits well into the farmhouse arrangement.

Tasteful Contrast

via Design Milk


In this dining room arranged in the mid-century modern style, frugal decorations and spare forms are complemented with a mesmerizing decorative rug. The rug works fantastically with simplistic furniture, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Calling from the North

via Pinterest

This classically Scandinavian living room is conducted by a playful geometric flat-weave. The rug occupies the central part of the room, setting the tone of the space and dictating the color palette for the rest of the


Impressive Fusion

Interior by McGrath II, Rug by Doris Leslie Blau

A coastal décor with a Scandinavian carpet? Why not! This dreamy space by McGrath II features a vintage Swedish rug from DLB which looks as if it was made just for this arrangement. Delicate blues of the rug’s design correspond with white walls and sandy additives.

Bold Solutions

Rodman Primack Interior Design

This eclectic interior boasts an impressive area rug with a strong angular design. The pattern of the carpet attracts attention, however, it also makes the other decorative elements look more interesting. Thanks to the contrasting juxtaposition, the antique mantelpiece appears totally up-to-date.

The Power of White

Design by Carissely Nelle-of HomepolishSF

A white rug can also make a huge impression – especially if we’re talking about a Beni Ourain. The traditional, slightly lax zigzag present on the face of the carpet is the only pattern in the interior. Nonetheless, in case of a Beni Ourain, texture is equally important as design – the shaggy pile makes you want to touch it immediately!

Emerald King


This airy and spacious living room in the mid-century modern style, designed by Threshold Interiors, features a jewel-like Scandinavian rug from the stocks of Doris Leslie Blau. The Swedish flat-weave attacks with the pattern and color, stealing the entire show!

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