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A Sumptuous Statement in an iPod World

A century from now, cultural historians will marvel at how a one Steve Jobs convinced much of Western Civilization to base its aesthetics on the shape and design of a tiny personal computer.

Today, you can find furniture, fireplaces and even commodes whose look is informed by the Apple aesthetic.


But we’ve also reached a point where we’re realizing there’s such a thing as too much technology. Likewise, the pieces posted above are stunning stand alones, but a living space with too many elements that pay homage to minimalism runs the risk of feeling rather lifeless.

One way to make a truly forward-thrusting statement is to incorporate vintage items. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But think about this: Sustainability, localism and social consciousness may sound like the buzzwords of the yoga-and-farmers-market hipster set, but those were the same ideas that inspired the artisans of the Arts & Crafts movement starting from the middle of the Nineteenth Century.

Here are a few vintage pieces from our collection that are excellent representatives of the movement.


European Rug: 8’11 x 13’3”


CFA Voysey Rug: 13′ x 20’7”


Arts and Crafts Voysey Rug: 7’5” x 8’11”

It’s amazing how pieces so rich in history can also convey something so progressive. Design decisions should be informed by the heritage of the items we select. In this way, we can create a people-focused sensibility that will be felt by those who inhabit our spaces, whether they know that history or not.

From around the design web, here are some wonderful “people-focused” interiors that incorporate vintage elements:



Via: Home Adore 

This apartment in Tel Aviv by Gamma Arc Group is a great example of how a beautiful, vibrant textile can add warmth and personality to the clean lines and muted colors of a contemporary design.



Via: Interior Junkie

This converted warehouse is the home of an Australian florist. Antique furniture and colorful woven textiles set against whitewashed walls and exposed wood are perfect for evoking the personality of the modern artisan in residence.


Via: Fresh Home

This living room’s painted ceiling is utterly modern and the lovely array of arm chairs lends a sense of personality, while the traditional decorative rug grounds the space, rendering the room bold but simultaneously elegant.


Via: Virlova Style 

In Spanish photographer Manolo Yllera’s home, all the vintage furniture pieces really pop against the exposed walls and monochrome, and the rugs add a vital touch of warmth.



Via: Houzz 

An eclectic family room by Hudson Interior Design shows the power of mix and match. Playful light fixtures draw the eye upward, while rich leather armchairs, patterned ottomans and a traditional rug invite visitors to stretch out and stay awhile.

By: Leslie Jones