Vintage French Deco Rug by Paul Follot
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Vintage French Deco Rug by Paul Follot BB5243

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The French crafts designer and decorator Paul Follot is an Art Deco traditionalist. His first designs were inspired by the Neo-Gothic school. At the beginnig of the 20th Century, Follot co-founded “L’Art dans Tout”, a little known group of artists who fought fiercely for the French crafts tradition. These artists viewed themselves as threatened by the growth of industrialization, including German industrial design.

From 1910 a more reticent, classical style shows up in Follot’s work, a tendency that increased with the rise of European Art Deco. This vintage French European art deco rug by Paul Follot is perhaps indicative of these tendencies; while the look is certainly abstract and well within the confines of modern art, it focuses on nature, and a soft floral look in brown, beige and blue. The European Deco vintage carpet is a must-have for the selective collector.

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Item No.: BB5243 Size: 6'0" × 10'9" (182 × 327 cm)