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5 Natural Décor Trends You’ll Go Crazy about in 2017

Although 2016 has not ended yet, we can already take a peek into the future to predict what will be ‘en vogue’ in the upcoming year. This time Nature takes over the helm and is going to seduce us with her gifts! Grab a cup of spiced winter tea and get warm at the hottest trends of 2017!


1.Terracotta lands the floor

It allows us to see what’s going on in the minds of the greatest designers, fashion dictators and (extra)ordinary people. By looking at their work we can precisely estimate what will be the big deal of the coming year. Actually, it is a bit like magic, don’t you think? Embark with us on a time travel to the future realm of décor and check what is going to rule in 2017.

 interior design decor trends 2017 tiles floor in dining room
Jessica Helgerston Interior Design

                                                            The Pink House

‘Terra-cotta’ in Italian or ‘terra cocta’ in Latin means “baked earth”. No wonder in 2017 this earthenware is definitely taking hold of our interiors, while all artificial tiles are retiring. Terracotta has a huge potential to bring some warmth into your home and it fits perfectly with other natural materials.


Carrer Avinyo Barcelona Apartment by David Kohn Architects | Yellowtrace

You can match it with wood, stone or simply go with terracotta all the way. If you’re more into urban décor, avoid the tiles which are too rustic and keep them in a matte finish. Long ago, the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang recognized the advantages of terracotta and built his famous army of it. Let us follow

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 interior design decor trends 2017 tiles floor in dining room hexagon floor

2. Emerald is on the radar

elegant pantone greenery living room doris leslie blau rug
A living room design with Doris Leslie Blau Rug

Pantone, the worldwide authority on the matter of colors, has proclaimed greenery as the hue of the year 2017. Such a prominent source should not be ignored. Greenery represents all the freshness, naturalness and peace of mind that seems to have been lost in the technology-obsessed civilization of today.

image via Brickmate

We should welcome it back in our lives with open arms. If this vibrant yellow-green appears too flashy for you, emerald is the answer. This royal shade is more toned and will match a wide variety of interiors, from traditional to modern. One way or another, green is entering our homes which brings us to…

pantone greenery living room tiled floor interior design decor trends 2017 royal interior chandelier

3. Home garden is a thing

pantone greenery interior indoor plants boho bohemian interior decor design interior decor trends 2017

Actually, home garden is THE thing. Why settle for less when you can have more? Greenery and emerald tints are going to prevail in our furniture, wall-paints and accessories but it is Nature that can give us the real deal. Open up to the world!

Image result

Take a step further and invest in some plants indoors. A tree in a pot? We don’t see why not! Olive trees are getting ready for the great entrance in 2017. If you do not have the proverbial “green thumb”, a fern or a cactus will come to rescue 😉 Supposedly, fiddle leaf figs are on their way out but we wouldn’t worry about that too much. In our understanding – the greener, the better.

Image result for indoor tree architecture
Landmark Architecture

4. Antique carpets come flying in

pantone greenery interior indoor plants bohemian antique rug interior decor design interior decor trends 2017
Nathaniel Ru & Jonathan Neman (Sweetgreen)

The world yearns for relief from artificiality. In 2017 we are obliged to turn towards the non-disposable goods which comprise of natural materials, masterful execution and timeless appeal; to pick utilitarian objects that have a chance to last for generations and never go out of fashion. Such indeed are antique rugs.

Antique Turkish rug by Doris Leslie Blau interior decor trends 2017
Antique Turkish rug by Doris Leslie Blau

Those hand-crafted wonders were thoroughly created of the finest wool, cotton or silk in accordance with the long-established weaving techniques.

Just as they served our ancestors, they are ready to serve us in our modern homes. The purchase of an original Persian Kerman, a Turkish Sivas or an Indian Agra rug is an investment, as its value will increase over time. You may also settle for some vintage Moroccan or Scandinavian pieces. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. When it comes to decorating, nothing compares to the glory of carpets.

Doris Leslie Blau Antique Persian Rug interior decor trends 2017
Doris Leslie Blau Antique Persian Rug

5. Countryside style makes a comeback

interior decor trends 2017 countryside apartment rustic interior decor wooden interior design
buero philipp moeller

Who has never dreamed of a little house in a bucolic, faraway village? Even if you’re a declared urbanite, you must admit there is something irresistibly romantic about this idea. The good news is you don’t have to move anywhere to feel the countryside vibe. In 2017 this idyll is going to knock at your door and all you have to do is to let it enter.

A modern farmhouse style living room


How to see it coming? Well, obviously it will be all natural, dressed in timber, flowers, sunlight and handicraft. And less poetically, re-use and re-cycle.


Image result

Mix the traditional with the contemporary, shabbiness with chic. The countryside style of 2017 will combine the coziness and warmth of an English cottage with the modernity and practicality of a Scandinavian cabin. Now your dream may come true.

interior decor trends 2017 countryside apartment rustic interior decor wooden modern interior design bedroom

   Shawn Levy’s House via Architectural Digest

interior decor trends 2017 countryside apartment rustic interior decor wooden modern interior design Scandinavian white dining room


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