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12 Cool, Creative and Inspiring Entryways

The psychologists say it takes one-tenth of a second for us to form our first impression when we meet someone. Well, the same probably goes for houses. Your entryway is where people will decide whether your home is inviting or imposing, cozy or creative.

Here are a few foyers that leave us clambering to see the rest of the house.

A funky, bold statement entry – this place rocks
The rug and wall art complement each other beautifully here, the elements are in conversation with one another.
Rug, flowers, art and circular table offset the heavy stone and wood elements in this foyer. Kudos to nice lighting as well.
Nice to see a place that blends chic modernism with functionality.
A mint door provides a splash of playfulness to the traditional aesthetic here.
This space has a mixture of industrial elements and elegant flourishes, perfect for the urban cityscape just beyond the windows.
An organic-modern beauty
Pretty gray walls set the mood in this cool, sleek entryway. And a rug with simple latticework serves as invitation inside.
bench lamp
Sleek but not too formal is the vibe in this space that combines traditional touches with industrial elements.
The gorgeous purple runner steals the show upon entering this home.
This space stays bright despite a lack of natural light thanks to lacquered walls and a fabulous yellow-and-white rug.
A traditional rug goes well with the bold paint job in this space for a mysterious, romantic vibe.

A lot of these spaces use rugs to ground their aesthetic and/or lend softness to the presentation. If you have a long hallway, there’s no better way to beckon your guests inward than with a beautiful runner. See some of our long, skinny lovelies here.