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Vintage Swedish Pile Rug BB6967

Price: $40,000

Since the mid-20th century Scandinavian design has been one of the most desirable and widely sought after styles in the world. This incredible popularity can be attributed to the brilliant simplicity and practicality of northern creations that, at the same time, are distinguished by upmost sophistication. The lovely vintage Swedish pile rug before your eyes is made according to Scandinavian aesthetic thought and enchants with its uncomplicated yet perfectly balanced and appealing presence.

The main field is embellished with an allover abstract pattern, and enclosed within a single border kept in the spirit of the main design. Everything is executed in a color palette comprising of fuchsia, pink, ted, dusty blue, brown and off-white which together constitute an exceptionally lively and playful composition.

An interesting feature is the pile which is too short for the rug to be called a rya and definitely too long for a traditional flat-woven rollakan. Nonetheless this soft and durable carpet was masterfully hand-knotted of the finest wool in accordance with old and refined weaving techniques. Thanks to such thorough making, the Swedish rug has survived until this day in ideal condition and will most definitely serve its owners for generations. This vintage beauty will fit into all kinds of contemporary interior décors, from classic to modern.

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Item No.: BB6967 Circa: 1940 Size: 10'2" × 13'6" (309 × 411 cm)
Color: , , Style: Scandinavian Origin: ,