Swedish Flat Weave Carpet by Carl Malmsten
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Swedish Flat Weave Carpet by Carl Malmsten BB6351

Price: $18,000

This antique carpet was designed by a brilliant architect and artist, Carl Malmsten, known for his devotion to traditional Swedish craftsmanship. Both his passion and lore are clearly visible in every inch of this remarkable piece. The Scandinavian area rug is permeated with the picturesque and nostalgic atmosphere of the Scandinavian countryside which is expressed by means of simple geometric motifs as well as soft, pastel color palette.

The minimalistic pattern is based upon alternating squares; some of them comprise a rack motif, some are left plain just with a single faded stripe placed in the middle. In terms of colors, this Swedish flat carpet weave explores different shades of light blue combined with off white and has just two deeper blue stripes at both ends trimming the whole composition. It is hand-made of the finest wool according to traditional weaving techniques which ensures its remarkable quality.

Although the vintage runner rug is over 60 years old, it shows no signs of wear or damage; on the contrary – it is absolutely unblemished by time and life vicissitudes. Such a masterpiece will surely be a jewel of any interior, from classic to modern.

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Item No.: BB6351 Circa: 1950 Size: 6'2" × 9'4" (187 × 284 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric, Scandinavian, Solid