Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Karen Jonsson

Vintage Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Karen Jonsson BB6574

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This comely Swedish shag rug was created by the marvelous Karen Jonsson during the heyday of Scandinavian design, in the mid-20th century. Both its pattern and execution exhibit upmost excellence which allowed the vintage flat-weave to survive until this day with no signs of wear and with the appearance that perfectly fits into contemporary decorating trends.

The simplistic center of the main field is adorned with angular motifs and encircled by geometricized diamonds – a classic Scandinavian rollakan pattern arrangement. The composition is enclosed within a minimalistic single border and finished with a lovely fringe at the shorter edges which underlines the rustic character of the vintage rug.

The final touch is provided by the muted and versatile color palette which relies on light gray paired with moss green and complemented by ivory, brown and sage. Masterfully hand-woven of the first-rate wool in accordance with traditional techniques by the skilled artisan, the Swedish flat-weave is distinguished by fine structure and durability. If properly maintained, it will serve its owners for generations, adorning their households with the never-passing charm of the mid-century Scandinavian artistry.

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Item No.: BB6574 Circa: 1956 Size: 5'7" × 8'3" (170 × 251 cm)