Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow

Vintage Swedish flat weave rug signed by Ingegerd Silow BB6562

Price: $5,000

Every antique rug aficionado has heard of Ingegerd Silow – this internationally known master weaver and designer was involved in the development and popularization of Swedish weaving, a craft that is an important part of local culture. Silow passed away in 2005, leaving a legacy of stunning Swedish rugs for sale, a legacy that this rug is a proud part of.

Deeply involved in the development of Scandinavian design during its golden age in the mid-20th century, Ingegerd Silow was a Swedish designer and master weaver whose international fame still resounds loudly in the world of art. Looking at this absolutely charming vintage Swedish rug it is hard to wonder why.

The simplistic yet chic and heart-warming design relies on geometric motifs inspired by the beauty of Scandinavian flowers. Both the main field and the thick border, finished with the fringe at the shorter sides, are kept in the same spirit and have a strong folkloristic quality to them. The warmth of the composition is enhanced by the versatile and balanced color palette incorporating shades of dusty yellow and orange, chestnut brown, beige and rose which bring to mind delightful summer afternoons.

Apart from the outstanding design, the vintage flat-woven vintage rug is distinguished by impeccable execution. Masterfully hand-woven of the finest wool in accordance with traditional techniques, the Swedish flat-weave is durable and qualitative, ready to serve its owners for generations without any signs of wear if properly maintained. Graceful and universal, this work of Scandinavian art by the Grande Dame of weaving will be an investment that will not only please the eyes but also increase in value over time.

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Item No.: BB6562 Circa: 1955 Size: 5'6" × 7'8" (167 × 233 cm)