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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6218

Price: $9,000

Vintage Moroccan antique rug, a mid 20th century vintage Moroccan rug. This vintage area rug woven in 1960’s contains the spirit of indigenous Moroccans. Famed for their devotion to tradition, they are artists with no education – all their craft comes from the heart. Despite the lack of symmetry, the weaver managed to contain luscious shades of red, from crimson to coral. Diamond-shaped pattern lined in the carpet’s center use the palette of beiges, teals and blacks. However, the most interesting parts of this vintage carpet are two lines close to its edge.

Among varied depictions, a careful eye can spot a very interesting detail – Kurt Agzi, known also as “Wolf’s Mouth” symbol of protection. Kurt Agzi was used mainly by cattle-breeding tribes, for whom wolves were the worst plague. Besides wild predators, Wolf’s Mouth was supposed to protect its owner from all evil, similarly to the Eye. Thanks to its short pile, this Moroccan carpet kept its softness while having all the benefits of a flat-woven vintage moroccan rugs.

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Item No.: BB6218 Circa: 1960 Size: 5'0" × 11'4" (152 × 345 cm)
Color: Red Style: Abstract, Casual, Moroccan Rugs