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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6209

Price: $8,000

Traditional tribal rugs are extremely sought-after decoration items due to their heartwarming appeal, simple yet captivating patterns and rich historical background. The vintage Moroccan antique rug before your eyes is a pure embodiment of the before-mentioned qualities. It is made in an exceptional Beni Ourain style which distinguishes itself by the application of ancient kilim motifs, dichromatic color palette and shaggy, irresistible piles.

Such moroccan style rugs were usually made for domestic purposes so it is very likely that their design contains customized motifs and a very personal message behind them. Here we are presented with an allover trellis containing ‘Bukaǧı’ – fetter motifs which symbolize union and marriage, as well as diamonds and crosses which in the great language of oriental vintage area rugs stand for protection against the Evil Eye. The entire pattern is executed in pale brown shade with invigorating touches of purple, against the off-white background which is in fact in the color of an undyed wool.

This exceptional piece was thoroughly hand-knotted of natural hand-spun wool in centuries-long technique which has been passed on in the family from weaver to weaver for generations. Thanks to such masterly, patient making this vintage Moroccan rug has survived for so long unharmed by the passing of time and will surely serve its future owners for the years to come. It is a lovely addition to any type of interior décor and due to its versatile appeal it will easily fit into a contemporary interior arrangement.

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Item No.: BB6209 Circa: 1940 Size: 6'9" × 9'4" (205 × 284 cm)
Color: Gray Style: Casual, Geometric, Moroccan Rugs