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Vintage Moroccan Rug BB6346

Price: $6,000

Moroccan rugs are one of the most sough-after decoration items in the world and this vintage beauty fully shows the reason behind this fascination. Its ingenious design combines the exoticism of the Middle-East with the simplicity of the mid-century Modernist trend. The allover pattern consists of Pitrak and Hac motifs respectively representing burdock plants and crosses which are enclosed into diamonds. According to nomadic symbolism this arrangement indicates an extremely strong message -the protection against the Evil Eye.

The neutral light beige background constitutes a splendid setting for indigo blue and brick red colors of the pattern. Needless to say the pile of this awe-inspiring piece is masterfully hand-executed of the best quality wool in accordance with traditional weaving techniques. Balanced and intriguing as it is indeed, this vintage rug will be an ideal addition to both classic and modern interiors. Nothing adds more live and energy to a room than a perfectly matched oriental antique rug and the one before your eyes is a genuine pearl of the weaving craftsmanship.

Doris Leslie Blau has always tried to bring the charm enclosed in antique, persian rugs closer to people, closer to you. We opened our galleries in multiple locations in order to let you experience the sheer beauty of antique, vintage persian, oriental rugs and carpets with your own eyes and hands.

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Item No.: BB6346 Circa: 1950 Size: 4'0" × 5'8" (121 × 172 cm)
Style: Casual, Geometric, Moroccan Rugs