Tibetan RugIf the quality of the weaving is of the upmost importance for a new rug, we recommend choosing one of our custom wool and silk Tibetan rug designs. Hand-dyed and woven high in the Himalayas in Nepal, our Tibetan rugs are created in the traditions of the ancient weavers of the Tibetan plateau with both loop and cut piles, yet they have avant-garde designs that speak to a modern sensibility. Tibetan carpets at Doris Leslie Blau can be ordered in an array of exclusive yarns, colors and weave techniques.

Our Tibetan rugs are all created in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner. The completed rugs are gently hand washed in cleaned and softened groundwater, which ensures that the natural resilience of the Tibetan wool yarn is preserved. Following this process, the waste water is carefully treated to be rendered non-toxic and is then returned to the ground system. All of our rugs are made in compliance with the conditions for fair labor practices as outlined by the international non-profit supervisory enterprise, Care & Fair, which promotes education, benevolent working conditions, medical care, and prohibits child labor