Tibetan CarpetHigh in the Himalayas the ancient craft of hand knotting continues to be passed from one generation to the next. Tibetan carpets now woven in Nepal are direct descendants of the pile rug weaving tradition of the Tibetan plateau.

Tibetan carpets at Doris Leslie Blau offer an array of exclusive yarns, colors and weave techniques. Many of our Tibetan carpets were designed by inspiration of vintage rugs or designed for us by renowned designers.

Tibetan carpets begin by hand dyeing wool and silk yarns and combing the two fibers along with both loop and cut piles. We proudly define our Tibetan carpets the tradition of innovative carpets.

Our Tibetan carpets are designed to satisfy only the most sophisticated members of the design industry. Most of the designs and colors in Tibetan carpets are avant-garde as we do it with a vision of the future of interiors.