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The Principles of Antique Rug Collecting

Antique rugs can be a great investment, as their prices tend to rise with each passing year. However, those beginning their adventure in the world of rug collecting might find themselves lost among thousands of fine pieces from all over the world. That’s why we decided to share our experiences as rug collectors and dealers and introduce you to the secrets of our trade!

Remember – quality before quantity.

While you might be tempted to grow you newfound collection as soon as possible, it’s infinitely better to acquire one or two carpets of impeccable quality than several inferior ones. This is bound to increase your collection’s worth as well as its prestige.

Choose your style.

If you want to keep the harmony of your collection, consider purchasing carpets in one particular style or origin. This is especially helpful when it comes to rug maintenance, as sometimes different types of carpets need different ways of cleaning. Before buying any rug, consider a small research to see which type you find the most appealing visually and cost-wise.

Invest in your collection.

While antique rugs themselves are quite costly, their maintenance might be even pricier. Despite this, you should never get stingy with money when it comes to your collection, as there are some basic conservations which are essential to keep your carpets in good shape… Not to mention that regular check-ups and cleaning will only increase their price! However, sometimes you have to do the basic math and make sure that the costs of maintenance will not be higher than the rug’s worth. Putting several thousand dollars into a thousand dollar carpet is rarely worth it.


Antique carpets European american wilton english axminster blue botanical 31x18 bb6127
Antique Persian kirman rug 17x16 bb6131 rug
Antique Persian kashan mohtashem rug 12x8 bb6141

Find a reliable source.

This is one of the most essential steps. In order to create a good and valuable collection, you have to make sure that all of your carpets are authentic and in a good shape. This can be done only if you purchase carpets from a reliable source, preferably an experienced dealer. Not only will you save a lot of money, but also countless hours of research, which could be spent looking for new pieces.

Don’t follow trends – set them!

The problem with collector trends is that they tend to significantly affect the value of a rug. Instead of blindly following them, try to be original – choose the rugs you find best, rather than copying other collectors. Antique rugs hold their value for a long time, so there is always a chance you will be able to resell the rug of choice with a profit, when the trends change and so will its worth… Providing that you will be willing to part with a piece of your collection.

Antique rug collecting can be an extremely profitable and enjoyable hobby which teaches people the appreciation for fine carpets. While by no means easy, we hope that those few simple steps that we shared with you are going to be helpful during your future endeavors. Here at Doris Leslie Blau we are always happy to help other carpet aficionados!