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Senneh Rugs True Masterpieces

Oriental rugs are an extremely diverse category that pools together carpets from countries as inter alia China, Turkey or Uzbekistan. Among them there are true gems of weaving art, so astonishing that it is almost impossible to avert the gaze. Senneh carpets are such treasures to be discovered: few can compare to their level of craft and aesthetics.

The Northwestern Kurdish village of Senneh (known also as Sennah, Sana, Sanandaj or Sanandag) was famous for the production of finely woven Kurdish rugs made using symmetrical knots. The Kurds are an Iranian tribe who inhabit not only Western Iran, Eastern Turkey and Iraq, but also Azerbaijan and the Khurasan district of Northeast Iran, where Senneh is located. The rug-weaving tradition has a long history among Kurds, as it was passed from generation to generation.

Antique Senneh rugs, created during the golden age of regional carpet production in mid 1800’s are considered by many to be the most desirable ones. The reason for that is their thoughtful choice of exquisite dyes, beautiful patterns and astonishing quality – after all, even tightly-spun yarns used to make them are chosen most carefully. However, what makes Senneh rugs truly unique is their single-weft construction and interlaced warps. Combined with tightly knotted structure, this resulted in a very durable and fine surface, best distinguished by its bumpy-looking back. Modern Senneh rugs are hand-woven by the Kurds in the Sanandaj region of Persia. These rugs are known for their fine weaving, delicate patterns, and soft coloring. According to some experts, Senneh rugs are the most sophisticated Kurdish rugs available. Occasionally you will find Herati patterns, a diamond lattice, blossoms and boteh featuring leaves and blossoms. In medallion schemes there is a hexagonal centerpiece with arched straight ends.

Quality Senneh rugs are unmatched in excellence. These rugs have great popularity in European and American markets, placing them among the top-rated pile carpets. The simplicity of their design and sophistication of the motifs give them adoring appearance. Traditionally medium-size carpets, weavers now offer them in all sizes. They work well in contemporary and modern interiors. They are the ideal floor coverings in all respects.

Senneh rugs are known for their great diversity of allover and medallion patterns, but it is their weave that truly sets them apart. Despite their designs or origins, Senneh carpets are the perfect examples of weaving art, the one which continues on since centuries and is sure to be continued in the future. Displaying crisp geometric patterns, Sennehs are the best proof of the great skill and precision of Kurdish weavers. Soft and durable, they are a perfect choice for everyone – from collectors to designers.