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Scandinavian Rugs Take Rooms from White to Bright

Rooms with all-white walls can exude energy and warmth given the right textile. Perhaps no aesthetic demonstrates this more clearly than the cheerful simplicity of Scandinavian design.

Room 1

The importance of this lesson shouldn’t be lost on any of us who live in dense cities where space is at a premium, and especially for those who must live with long winters.

 Room 2

Pure white walls and low furniture lines keep rooms feeling airy, while a richly-colored flat weave draws the eye and lends dynamism to spaces that might otherwise feel austere.

Room 3

Room 4

Room 5 

Room 6

Room 7

Here are a few selections from our vintage Scandinavian rug collection that epitomize the brilliant beauty and power of modernist Swedish flat weave.


A rug from the workshop of revered textile designer Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom.

A Swedish flat weave from circa 1950 that brings to mind a delicious sunset with shades of cardinal, terra cotta and persimmon.


This upbeat cross-and-square pattern is a personal favorite.


This gorgeous tangerine field with an allover geometric pattern is signed by Polly Bjokrman, In true modernist spirit, the design references Swedish folk motifs.


A Swedish flat weave rug by Anna Greta Sjoqvist with a fetching geometric pattern in wineberry, sea blue and a dark royal blue.

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