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Rugs that Roar

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The use of leopard and cheetah print area rugs in high end interior design is nothing new. But this always en vogue pattern is seeing a popularity surge on such a massive scale even we can hardly believe it. We might assume that a bon vivant like Tamara Mellon would relish adorning her home with exotic flair. Her Manhattan penthouse, after all,  is a trove of modern treasures and one-of-a-kindobjets d’art. So the use of a sexy area rug in the living room comes as no surprise.

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The real magic of interior design occurs when a designer shakes things up a bit. It’s the juxtaposition of old and new, modern and traditional sitting amiably alongside one another. In this case, it’s when otherwise traditional spaces opt for this less predictable floor covering. It informs you that the homeowner (or at the very least the interior designer) is winking their well-trained eyes at you. It shakes up the rhythm of a room in a fantastic way and gives a lyrical quality to the overall design.

 Rather than lending the design yet another pattern to busy the eyes, the almost random design of ocelot, leopard and cheetah is at once invigorating and relaxing. It truly is the new “neutral” of the industry. This irreverent design is a welcome addition to any environment. It lends both sophistication and visual interest, with just a hint of sex appeal. What more could you ask for from a


So the next time you’re sourcing for just the right grounding element for a project, we suggest you look no further than one of mother nature’s greatest works of art. We think the look is spot on.

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By: Franki Durbin