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Ready, Set, Decorate!

Movies have always been a great source of décor and architectural inspiration. From film noir to historical recreations to complete fantasy, the cinema has often been our visual muse, inspiring us to create our homes to embody what we see ourselves as, or dream of becoming. More importantly, they open up our eyes to bold and daring possibilities that our inner conventional critic would never consider until we are swept away by the glamour, charm and beauty we call “Hollywood.”

Now that they have rolled up the red carpet in Los Angeles causing an award season drought, we thought we’d recommend our favorite films that wowed and wooed us with their décor and design.  So, if you or your clients are experiencing a drought of ideas of your own, here’s a quick fix. Click onto your Netflix account and push these favorites to the top of the list and prepare to be inspired.

I Am Love is the 2009 Italian film directed by Luca Guadagnino. While the fragile and fierce Tilda Swinton leads the cast in a rocky and steamy tale of love, loss and passion, the real star of the show is the family’s villa in Milan. Built in the 1930’s by architect Portaluppi, the villa is now a museum. The interior is packed with expansive marble, original furnishings, soaring ceilings and our favorite -regal rug tapestries adorning the walls and floors.




4 We love the graphic marble, and those elevator doors.

A Single Man by fashion designer Tom Ford is the film based on Christopher Isherwood’s novel. The impeccably groomed and first-time director, Tom Ford, chose architect John Lautner’s 1949 Schaeffer Residence in Glendale, California for the protagonist’s stunning house. For a plot focused around ideas of masculinity, this home has plenty of wood, stone, glass and sharp angles. It has a clean, crisp design that perfectly captures the style of Southern California and compliments the character’s expertly tailored fashion. To us, Tom Ford is the PERFECT man. 



We also like Kate Winslet’s rustic, cozy English cottage decorated in mismatched prints, warm tones and exposed beams in the 2006 movie The Holiday with Jude Law and Cameron Diaz.  We’d love a cup of tea and some crumpets in this room.


Though you may not be offered a starring role in the next big box office hit, we know you’ll be a creative award winner in designing your haven. See you at the movies.