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Presidential Oval Office Carpet

Few pieces of decor bear as much importance as the Presidential Oval Office carpet. As a center of one of the most important rooms in the United States it is always designed by the current president with the uttermost care. Changing the carpet by the current president is also a symbol of change and the beginning of a new term.

The President’s Choice

The Oval Office carpet bears the Seal of the President since the presidency of Harry S. Truman. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy chose carpets based on Truman’s design. However, contemporary ones are original creations made together by presidential administration, interior designers and the Curator of the White House. Usually new presidents use the old rug until they get a new one. Then, the administration moves the old carpet to the library of the president who ordered it.

The Most Important Oval Office Carpets

Among numerous presidential carpets some attract the majority of attention. People admire Harry Truman’s carpet for its blue color and newly added seal. The design included a stylish pile of various lengths. Before 1945, green was the traditional color of the Oval Office rug. However, blue suits the office more because it introduces the change of the resident. Also Dwight D. Eisenhower and, for some time, John F. Kennedy used this carpet. Jacqueline Kennedy designed a new, red one but as they were installing the rug, the President was assassinated. It is not unusual for a First Lady to design her husband’s office. The first to do that was Pat Nixon in 1969.

Bill Clinton’s elegant navy carpet and George W. Bush’s $62,000 sunburst rug designed by his wife Laura Bush drew many compliments from visitors to the White House. However, President Obama’s carpet of choice was no less beautiful. When he moved in, the president picked a taupe presidential oval office carpet which was surrounded by quotes from former presidents. Donald Trump, elected in 2017, decided to use a sunburst carpet made for Ronald Regan instead of designing a new one.


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